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Use your Arabic/English bilingual skill to find a job; American companies have two millions Arabic customers in USA and 30 millions prospective Arabic customers overseas, so several employers could be looking for you.

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Looking for a job in the Arabic and Gulf countries. Giant American companies have operations in the Gulf countries and they have job openings for professional like you in countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Emirates.

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Amandata dedicates to collect and communicate Arabic jobs


How kids learn Arabic language?
 With a little work and often practice children can easily learn Arabic language skills such as reading, writing without a lot of effort or hassle. Amandata provides free tools to help preschool and school age kids to learn Arabic language

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Amandata is looking to collect a directory includes companies or a service provider who speak Arabic language per state . There are several organizations located in the United State of America which provide help to the Arab Americans

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mandata is committed to support and enrich USA immigrants by providing:

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